Tuscarawas County ADC Recognizes National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

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Tuscarawas County ADC Recognizes National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition is asking Tuscarawas County residents to join them in recognizing National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month. 

Reports indicate that 20 percent of teens say they have taken a prescription drug without having a prescription for it themselves. Nearly four percent report misusing over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine to get high. 

Additionally, some teens still believe that abusing prescription (Rx) medication is safer than abusing illicit ones. 

“It is our responsibility as parents, coaches, teachers, mentors, and community leaders to talk to our kids about the real dangers that exist,” explained ADC Coordinator Jodi Salvo. “A simple conversation can leave a lasting impression and make a huge impact.”

There are also a number of precautions that can be taken to prevent our youth from misusing medications. Proper medication storage, for example, helps to ensure that teens and family members are kept safe. Safe medicine disposal is an essential prevention strategy that impacts individuals as well as the environment. Drug deactivation bags are still available throughout Tuscarawas County. They are completely free thanks to a grant from the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services. Bags can be picked up at a variety of locations across the county or they can be mailed directly to your home. 

For more information on local prevention efforts, contact the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition or visit adctusc.org.