Meeting Minutes – November 2020

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Meeting Minutes – November 2020

Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition Meeting
ADAMHS Board Meeting Room
Friday, November 6, 2020

Sgt Bethel, Ohio State Highway Patrol
Ron Bond, Farm Bureau
Nicole Dorsey, Tusc Co Health Dept
Bill Harding, Community Member
Kayli Luthy, OhioGuidestone- Youth Led Prevention Facilitator
Kristin Macaulay, Community Mental Health
Jeff Neidig, Mediwise Pharmacist
Beverly Pearch, Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters
Miles Riley, Community Mental Health
Gerald Sanders, Community Member
Kathryn Secoy, Tusky Valley Youth
Diana Smith, Personal & Family Counseling Services
Veronica Spidell, ADAMHS Board
Robin Waltz, Executive Director United Way
Brock West, Youth Advisory Board
Angela White, Guest Speaker

Meeting Summary:
Jeff Neidig called the Virtual meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Friday, November 6, 2020, with 16 members present. Bill made a motion to accept the October minutes and Diana seconded. The vote was unanimous.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

Jeff reported that there was no meeting. Jodi and Kerry will be attending a learning opportunity through Prevention Action Alliance, an Advocacy Boot-Camp that will enhance our advocacy efforts and will deal with environmental changes at both the state and local levels.

Alcohol Committee:

Veronica reported that they rolled out the SAMHSA “Talk They Hear You” campaign and then did not meet this past month. Committee meeting date has been changed and they will now be meeting on the third Monday of each month at 3pm. Veronica sent information to Michaela requesting a press release be sent out in November/December to include how to talk to your kids about alcohol, using materials from the SAMHSA campaign.

Faith Based Efforts:

There is no report today from Pastor Larry. He will be stepping down as the chair, as he has taken a full-time job which will interfere with his ability to attend and coordinate meetings. He has recommended that we speak with one of the pastors that is active in one of the ministerial associations that he meets with. With Pastor Larry’s recommendation, the Executive Committee will be meeting with identified pastor and discuss his interest and ability to serve as faith-based sector representative and chair of Faith-based Committee.

Marijuana Committee:

In Alex’s absence, Diana reported that marijuana surveys were collected, even though there were significantly less than normally collected at county fair. She is currently working on the development of the marijuana committee brochure.

Media Committee:

In Michaela’s absence, Diana reported that October press releases that went out included Project HOPE, the National DEA Takeback event and Red Ribbon Week. The Press releases going out in November include, Kayli as the new Youth Led Prevention Coordinator, Securing and Disposal of Prescription Drugs around the Holidays, and How to talk to you Kids about Alcohol. There will also be information on our website and will be pushed out on social media around mental health issues. Other media efforts include weekly podcasts and many of them will be focused around youth alcohol prevention, Rx prevention and dealing with stress around COVID holidays. There will be NO Media Committee immediately following today’s meeting. It will be held at a later date.

Prescription Drug Committee:

Jeff reported that the Lock Box Project is continuing, and boxes are being distributed in the community. The committee did get good feedback on the criteria for use and dissemination. The court system, Adam Wilgus, and his probation officers reviewed the criteria list that Kristin had started on why to use boxes. Criteria checklist will act as a way to monitor the boxes to include the why and where they were distributed and will serve to collect data that can be used in applying for future grant opportunities. The committee is still working on the needle and syringe disposal project. Rachel is doing a lot of work on that effort and educating on what you can be done now. She is also working behind the scenes to identify ways/opportunities to educate the public around safe needle and syringe disposal. The committee was ready to present to Leadership Tuscarawas (LT) a project opportunity around over-the counter medications safety (reading labels, understanding labels, etc). Unfortunately, LT was supposed to start in October has been canceled, due to the pandemic. Therefore, the Rx Committee will continue to work on this issue without the assistance of LT project team. Diana reported that we have already handed out lock boxes out to Job & Family Services (JFS), Community Mental Health (CMH), and OhioGuidestone. Jodi is working with Juvenile Court to provide them boxes.

Tobacco Committee:

Vaping Task Force Updated Action Plan: Nicole reported that they are getting the updated action plan typed out and sent to the committee members for approval. Diana and Jodi just finished the training and are certified to train the trainers of Catch My Breath” Vaping Prevention program, the only evidenced based vaping prevention education program. Information on this program will be offered to all districts. Claymont schools have inquired about wanting to know more about program and implementation. Nicole explained that the committee is exploring the use of magnets & digital buttons for the schools. Since all students use Chromebooks, they would like to have buttons available on students’ home screens so information and help services would always be visible to students and could link them to resources. It would be an easy and confidential way for students to reach out for help. Resources will include, “My Life, My Quit” for those who are addicted to tobacco products. Diana reported that the tobacco committee brochure that has been being developed by Niccole and Kelly is being proofed and will be sent to Josh for first draft, next week.


Kayli reported good news. School groups are meeting, growing, planning and initiating efforts and initiatives. Kathryn Secoy from Tusky Valley was in attendance to see what it is like to be a youth sector representative for the YAB in the future. Brock West reported that they have been working with all the different schools finding out what they are focusing on this year. Tuscarawas Central Catholic (TCC) will be focusing on Mental Health. The have been doing a few activities in their Youth to Youth (Y2Y) to get familiar with the concept of mental health. A few weeks ago, they had their Red Ribbon Campaign in their school collecting money from a “jeans” day since normally they have to wear uniforms. He will get back to us on how much was collected. At YAB, they are currently making a video about the Sandy Hook promise that will be used in Newcomerstown school district. Other schools are making contributions to the video with small little clips and then will be showing and sharing the video. Kayli reported that Tusky Valley was also going to have a mental health focus and they would be having a “Spirit Week”. Example: One day would be “Pajama Day” to remind kids to take care of their mental health and relax, unwind, destress. “Twin Day” to remind you to lean on your friends and being there for them to lean on you, as well. Claymont is working on tobacco prevention this month, as it is Tobacco Prevention month. They will be putting up some posters and have a school scavenger hunt that will provide an avenue to educate students on vaping/tobacco use. It is also homelessness and hunger prevention month, so they would like to do something for someone that is in need.

Jeff encouraged anyone not already plugged into a committee, to join one, as the committees need more active members.

Old Business:

Drug Take Back Day: The poundage collected from Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital- 183#; Trinity Twin City Hospital- 78# and Mercy Medical Center, is unknown as Sgt Bethel reported that the DEA picks them up directly from the State Highway Patrol. Since it goes to a different process, we have not been able to have a pound report. Sgt. Bethel is filling in today for Sgt. Bower and our new contact will be Lt. Laura Taylor. We will continue to have the permanent drug boxes throughout the county through the solid waste grant that was given many years ago. Through the sheriff’s office we will continue to have the regional drug take back days, as well, to make sure we are getting the drugs out of their homes that are no longer in use. Diana reported that the Twin City take back amount was one of the highest that was collected from previous drug take backs. Even the Chief of Police reported that they were getting so many drugs there, that they had to upgrade their box. This shows that it is working in that area.

Project HOPE: The event at the courthouse was canceled at the last minute due to the pandemic and change to level red. However, some of the silhouettes were still placed at the courthouse, in front of the long voter line. One set had the total overdoses and deaths in the county up to October. It was very engaging. A realtor box was purchased and used to hold flyers on the effort and resources available in the county, and it was widely used. The Project Hope resource yard signs are still available if anyone would be willing to place signs.

New Business:

ADC Facebook Page: Promoting a letter to grandkids, etc., will send letters from Santa or one of the reindeers. It will come from Santa’s Workshop.

Legislative Report: Jeff reported that Chris Lane, Kerry and Jodi will be meeting with the wholesale beer and wine association regarding social media advertising. House Bill 674.
Learning Session: Miles introduced Angela White from “Speak Out” Ohio. She spoke on self-harm and what it entails, how to recognize and when it becomes a problem. She is available for webinars, etc. by contacting her at

Bill Made a motion to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 11:25AM.

The next Board Meeting will be a virtual meeting on December 4th from 10:00-11:30 am.