Meeting Minutes – March 2020

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Meeting Minutes – March 2020

Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition Meeting
ADAMHS Board Meeting Room
Friday, March 6, 2020


Diana Smith, Personal & Family Counseling Services
William Harding, CIC of Tusc Co
Connie Limbacher, Secretary
Nicole Dorsey, Tusc Co Health Dept
Jodi Salvo, Personal & Family Counseling Services
Rita Lahmers, Tusc Co Farm Bureau
Kristin Macaulay, Community Mental Health
Bill Houglan, Legacy Church
Miles Riley, Community Mental Health
Zachary Mitchell, Society for Equal Access
Sharon Paul, Fresnia
Gerald Sanders, Community Member
Peggy Leslie, Harcatus-RSVP- Civic Rep
Hannah Yoder, Personal & Family Counseling Services- Youth Serving Rep
Kerry Metzger, ADC Chairman
Chris Lane, Business/Community
Guy Pietra, Dover Chemical Corp
Lt. Mark Glennon, OSHP
Larry Stitt, Pastor Lake Drive Fellowship
Veronica Spidell, ADAMHS Board
Kelly Snyder, Tusc Co Health Dept
Alex McCarthy, EMA
Jeff Neidig, Mediwise Pharmacy
Kathryn Secoy, Tusky Valley-Youth To Youth Advisory Board

Meeting Summary:

Kerry Metzger called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Friday, March 6, 2020, with 24 members present. Since some people were new we went around and did introductions. Peggy Leslie made a motion to accept the February minutes with the correction to the Prescription Drug Committee report that the window clings have not come in yet; and, Learning Opportunity that the PowerPoint was what is Addiction. Gerald Sanders seconded and all voted yes.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

Kerry reported that Connie Limbacher would be emailing a Call for Nomination of Officers. This would be for the Chair, Vice and Secretary. Deadline to respond would be March 20th to return the nominations to Connie who will forward to the Nominating Committee comprising of: Bill Harding Al Landis and Jeff Neidig, which were appointed by Kerry. Voting will be at the next ADC meeting on April 3rd. He also reported that the Executive Board is working on the by-laws and will be sending them to the Committee Chairs to look over. A copy of the proposed changes will be emailed to members 14 days before the next meeting to be voted upon them, as well.

Alcohol Committee:

Veronica Spidell reported that the PTHLTM Campaign is really taking off with the yard signs. We have purchased 500 signs and so far have several businesses and churches willing to take on this project. Connie will email the letter to members so any others wishing to participate, may do so. See Attached Report.

Marijuana Committee:

Alex McCarthy reported that community members came together to put together a white paper. This is so we can ALL be like-minded on this topic. What the ADC does is protect our youth against substance use-is a starting point. Alex shared the survey cards that were compiled at the fair last September. We had 1.313 responses, 245 were under 18. See Attached Report.

Media Committee:

Connie reported in the absence of Michaela Madison: A chart was created that lays out potential/likely press releases, plugging in the events and activities of the ADC calendar’s to better track upcoming potential media releases. One new member expressed interest in being part of the committee. A Legislative Day press release was issued last month. Taping took place on the Volunteer video via the partnership with the ADC and Leadership Tusc. All went well. Currently in production mode now to piece it together.

Prescription Drug Committee:

See Attached Report. Jeff Neidig reported that we are purchasing lock boxes and working together with JFS (Jobs & Family Services) to hand out to them at the parenting classes. One was passed around. We need to have an attorney show us what type of disclaimer we need on the box. There are window clings now for businesses and agencies that are passing out the Deterra bags, are still being designed. Still discussing syringe cutters and OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications.

Tobacco Committee:

See Attached Reports. Nicole Dorsey reported that the committee is combined with the Vaping Task Force which will meet on March 12th at the Health Department. The Ezekiel Project filmed students at YAB. They used the script and idea from SAFE Coalition in Northern Michigan on e-cigarettes/vaping. It is currently in production

New Business:


Kathryn Secoy, Tusky Valley-Youth To Youth Advisory Board member reported what the Tusky Valley schools are doing, especially with the “Quiet room”. Hannah Yoder reported that 18 attended Legislative Day February 25th in Columbus. They met with Senator Jay Hottinger and anyone they could stop and talk to. A tour of the State House was taken, as well. They used talking points on both E-cigarettes/vaping and teen mental health. Hoping to secure the Quaker Cinema for the preview. Hannah also reported on the Nordonia Retreat, working with BBBS (Big Brothers/Big Sisters).

Faith Based Efforts:

Larry reported that there will be a meeting on Tuesday April 7th at 9:00 am at the United Way building. He would like to have at least one representative from each Association attend monthly Faith-Based committee meetings. The by-laws are being looked at to change Faith Based from a sector to a committee.


Kerry reported the impact we have on the Legislative front. He would like 4-5 different people go quarterly to the State House to Advocate. One should be a committee chair, one a volunteer and possibly 1 youth in that mix. He also reported that members need to look at the bill HR 2339, “Protecting American Lungs and Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2020”. Connie will email a copy out. Made note that marijuana could come soon on the ballot as recreational. We need to develop our stance on marijuana and spin it to why it is NOT good for our youth.

Learning Opportunity:

Jodi a provided PowerPoint presentation to educate membership on the concerns around the impact of youth marijuana use in light of the present house bill to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Larry made a motion to Adjourn and all voted yes at 11:40 am.

Next Board Meeting will be held at the ADAMHS Board meeting room, 119 Garland Dr SW, New Phila, on April 3rd from 10:00-11:30 am.