Meeting Minutes – August 2020

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Meeting Minutes – August 2020

Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition Meeting
ADAMHS Board Meeting Room
Friday, August 7, 2020


Briana Bobzien, Trinity Twin City Community Outreach
Ron Bond, Tusc Co Farm Bureau
Justina Gorman, Stark Co Anti-Drug Coalition Coordinator
William Harding, CIC of Tusc Co
Bill Houglan, Legacy Church
Gail Houglan, Community Member
Jennifer Kiko, Field Rep for Congressman Bob Gibbs
Rita Lahmers, Tusc Co Farm Bureau
Al Landis, Tuscarawas County Commissioner
Chris Lane, Business/Community
Connie Limbacher, Secretary
Peggy Leslie, Harcatus-RSVP- Civic Rep
Kaily Luthy, , Personal & Family Counseling Services- Youth Led Prevention Facilitator
Kristin Macaulay, Community Mental Health
Michaela Madison, Newsymom
Mary Marshall, Community Member
Alex McCarthy, EMA
Kerry Metzger, ADC Chairman
Jeff Neidig, Mediwise Pharmacy
Mary Ann Otte, Community Member
Jodi Salvo, Personal & Family Counseling Services
Gerald Sanders, Community Member
Diana Smith, Personal & Family Counseling Services
Veronica Spidell, ADAMHS Board
Brock West, Youth To Youth Advisory Board

Meeting Summary:

Kerry Metzger called the Virtual meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Friday, August 7, 2020, with 26 members present. Bill Harding made a motion to accept the March minutes as amended with the addition to say they were pre Covid 19. Chris Lane seconded and all voted yes. Rita Lahmers introduced Ron Bond, a retired Dover Middle School principal and from the Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau as the new rep. He will begin attending the regular meeting with Rita volunteering.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

Kerry reminded those—that if you wish to have voting privileges for the coalition you must fill out a membership form to become certified and approved per the coalition by-laws. He also reported that the Executive Board is working on the by-laws and will be sending them to the Committee Chairs to approve so they can be emailed for members to approve. These must be emailed on or before August 21st to be voted on and approved at our next meeting on September 4th. (14 days before the next meeting according to the current by-laws.) Volunteer hours need to be turned in ASAP to Connie as Jodi’s grant report is due out next week. We need hours as match for the $125,000 grant, so that’s why they are need.

Alcohol Committee:

Veronica Spidell reported that the Talk, They Hear You Campaign will launch around August 24th. It is about ready to roll out. National campaign. Underage drinking campaign. We have local data to match the national data.

Marijuana Committee:

Alex McCarthy reported

  • Coalition Marijuana Whitepaper: Community members came together to put together a white paper. This is so we can ALL be like-minded on this topic. We need the coalition to read and vote to make this our stance on where as a coalition we think as we move forward. What the ADC does is protect our youth against substance use-is a starting point. The committee is to be commended for the work and Hannah Yoder for the penmanship formulated in bringing this all together. Peggy Leslie made a motion to pass the “White Paper” and Rita seconded. All voted yes.
  • Virtual County Fair surveys: The county fairs will look very different this year for our surveys. Since we are unable to do the county fair the way we have in the past, but want to keep looking at some statistics of the community’s view of marijuana, both medical and recreational and see how their viewpoints and perceptions are changing, the marijuana subcommittee hopefully will be able to see if what the coalition is doing is making a difference in the community or if we need to reprioritize.

Media Committee:

  • Virtual Fair/Virtual ADC ‘events’ during fair week: There is to be a virtual Tusc fair that will partner with agencies and groups. Hope to take further and have a physical presence in some way. Diana Smith will be working with her and Alex and Michaela will work on the best program and questions to disseminate.
  • Press Release schedule/plans: Press release to go out at the end of this month-it’s completed for the Alcohol campaign, We have a calendar with an agenda that lays out the press releases for the rest of the year including HOPE Sunday and Drug Take Back Day. Those kind of campaigns. We will have a Media Committee Meeting immediately following this one to work on releases depending on what Al Landis and Kerry have with upcoming legislation and the legalization of marijuana.
  • Podcast/Website support from ADC members: We need to continually share these so they continue to be out there and the sheet of what you can do while home (d) ADC campaign on Newsymom Consistent campaign and looking to say what the ADC is all about.
  • Supporting the ADC as a member, virtually Keep sharing, liking, etc. WTUZ will support us in getting the survey and campaign out there. Discussion to be held in Media Committee meeting.

Prescription Drug Committee:

Jeff Neidig reported monthly meetings at 2pm on 4th Friday of each month on Zoom. Main focus has been on finding our message on drugs and OTC drugs and public relation material going out on that. Focusing on Safe Use, Safe Storage and Safe Disposal and most recently approved our brochure on the coloring and design of that. We have window clings and magnets. The window clings will be at pharmacies and locations that have Deterra bags. Also a redesign of the cardboard posters and easel displays with the permanent drop box sites listed and those that distribute the bags. The items have come in to be distributed. We received funds for the lock boxes and have the magnets and brochures for them. JFS will get them once they are ready to go over. A volunteer was given to us from the court and he will be stuffing them with the magnet, etc. A podcast was made with Jodi, Jeff and Rachel Rothacher on the safe disposal of drugs. Our next phase will be the OTC meds. These are to be mentioned and use the same theme of Safe Use, Safe Storage and Safe Disposal. Many misuse them by taking more than prescribed, etc.

Tobacco Committee:

Vaping Task Force Update: Jodi will be meeting with the Chamber Safety Committee—Our businesses. Also vape detectors were hoping to be purchased for classrooms. Chris Lane added that community directives and how to act on them. Please go to FaceBook and ADC Website and share, Share, SHARE.

Old Business:

Review of coalition programming during the pandemic: Jodi reported: Prescription drug committee we purchased a lot of advertising. Spring cleaning-don’t forget you medication cabinets; lots of ads. Alcohol Committee did a great job on PTHLTM as 500 signs purchased and ready to go out. We had to shut down so will keep until next year. Marijuana committee getting the white paper completed. Media Committee and Michaela has been so busy with an average of 4 press releases going out weekly! A shout out to the Prevention staff. They were involved with supplying info to all the school meal programs. COVID Connection articles that were in the newspapers every week, interviews each week with the radio stations activities with kids. Peggy and Connie worked very hard on the conversation cards and “Snail mail” kits. Proud of ALL! There is a ton of resources and information. Go to the ADC website and listen to website. Also on video. Engaging the community. Kerry, Connie and committee chairs have done impressive work through this Covid time off.


Kayli Luthy and Brock West reported that recently the YLP program has encountered many obstacles, challenges and changes due to the Covid-19. Despite this, they have tried to stay connected with focusing on providing students with alternative activities and supporting good mental health by having virtual conversation nights, virtual game nights and snail mail kits. In the future they will be working on innovative ways to get together for support and encouragement. We recognized Brock that he was selected to be on the Ohio Team Ambassador Board to advocate across Ohio. Youth Advisory Board won’t be able to meet at the hospital this year. We are looking for an alternate place. Several were suggested.

Faith Based Efforts:

Jodi reported HOPE Sunday is underway. Last Sunday in September. A letter and an email has been sent out to area pastors. We have sector volunteers to be calling the different churches. This year we are doing some data collection to ask churches re recovery programs, youth programs, clothes closets, etc. Year one we focused on Stigma Reduction and the Naloxon; Year 2 was Reaching out and this year we are going to How the church provides a protective factor to young people. Ask your churches to participate and if you can volunteer some time to call and make sure you get the information etc. The video hasn’t been shot yet so delivery date isn’t set yet. Connie reported that we had approximately 100 churches participate last year. She googled the cities and added the churches that weren’t a part of the T-4-C church directory so if we reach out to all of them, we could have 196.


  • House Bill 674—Revises Ohio Liquor laws—Kerry and Al reported. Hillyer cosponsors. It expands alcohol sales additional hours which increases the harm. It eliminates the D6 Sunday Sales. Passed out of the house 70-16.
  • House Bill 669—Expands the definition of premises and sales for liquor permits—It removes income and funding of Prevention dollars and it expands bars from temporary to permanent. It was originally put in the hopper at HB 666 and thought they should change that number. There are no consumer protections. Passed 87-8. Both in Senate now. DORA –loses local control and removes acres attached. Kerry, Al, Jodi and Chris Lane as a businessman and parent were able to talk with Jay Hottinger. We are concerned that if permanent we will have a problem as no training the drivers and you have under 21 years old delivery. ID’s are not being checked. “Modernization of our economy.” Is what Hillyer is using.
  • CENSUS: Al reported that the Census deadline has been moved up to September 30th. Please encourage others to participate. We would like the funding (approximately $1800/person) to come to the Tuscarawas County.
    Bylaws have to be sent by August 21st to vote on the changes at the September 4th meeting.

Connie made a motion to Adjourn and all voted yes at 11:40 am.

Next Board Meeting will be a virtual meeting on September 4th from 10:00-11:30 am.